Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Salon - 6/14/15

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Hey there, how the hell are you?!?

It's been a little while, hasn't it? After six months, I am finally at a point at work where my every second isn't triple filled! Which is not to say I've got anywhere near the free time I used too, but at least I can arrive after 8:30 a.m., leave before seven p.m., and even eat lunch, while still keeping up. God willing it will continue to be reasonable. I'm still exhausted by the time I get home though.

Hubby took a week off from work in May, but I wasn't able to join him. But now I'm feeling like it's possible, so I looked up my time and discovered that, in fact, I am no longer accruing vacation because I'm maxed out.  So I have planned three weeks of vacation this summer, with the boss' approval to use some up. Clearly, I can use every second of the rest!  The first is next week, so I am literally counting the minutes until this week ends...

The babies are doing really well. They are eating well and playing lots. We finally opened the summer porch for the season and they are permanent fixtures out there! They love the birds that live in the tree next door and the looking down on the bunnies and chipmunks that are finally around after last year's fix family living next door.

The PV ladies are back together again, at least for the summer, since Vicki got back from her overseas travels. We've got several performances planned this summer, but are enjoying a reduced rehearsal schedule as summer is very busy for everyone.  But it's nice to sing with my gals once again!


I had gotten so behind in blogging, it was crazy. But I have continued to read, as that's about all I have energy for after work...other than TV. And let's be honest, at some point, you have to turn that sucker off. You know?!

am catching up finally, though. My recaps have been updated, and I have gotten a bunch of reviews set to publish... Yes, the books are finally returning to my book blog!! I've also got a bunch of new Tuesday Tunes ready for you and will do my best to keep my Monday posts going.

This past week was wonderful book wise! The town library had their annual book sale. When I mentioned it, hubby didn't threaten to divorce me despite our overflowing shelves. So I went!! As well, this past weekend was a town event where the library always has a book tent where they bring the left-over books and you can take what you want for a donation. I spent about $20 at both events. Not as much as last year, but I got a bunch of great books and look forward to an awesome reading vacation!

What I Am Reading Today
I seem to have finally beat my recent book blahs and have powered my way through a bunch of books recently. Currently, I am reading the third book (I almost positive) of a well known actress. And I read the very short We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanfa Ngozi Adichie this weekend. Short but powerful!

Here's to just a few days left until vacation!!!

Hope it's a great week all!