Sunday, August 09, 2015

Sunday Salon - 08/09/15

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Hey all, sorry I've disappeared of late.

After all my extra effort at work in the spring (and unpaid overtime), it's just not a great fit. Some of the job is working out fine and other parts not so much. I guess this happens sometimes with jobs changes. It's all very, very stressful and frankly sad.

My boss seems committed to working it out, which is nice. I'm not clear how, and miss much of my old job duties, but clearly I have to keep paying my I'm doing my best (while keeping all options open). Only time will tell.
But, needless to say it's hard to focus on blogging when every day you are emotionally and mentally drained by the time you get home.  I am hoping (and sending out daily prayers - I welcome any extras that you might have to share) that I will be able to clean up this mess quickly and move forward in wonderful ways. But until then, I'm just treading water.

Otherwise, all is pretty good. Hubby is good, house is good, summer is good, and life is good.  The babies are doing great! They have both grown quite a bit and are finally totally settled. They are clearly still ferals, shy to noise and quick movements, but they cuddle willingly and soak up the love we give them. I'm the luckiest kitty-momma in the world to come home to them each day.


am still reading. In fact, probably more given it's ability to let me disappear mentally. And I am still reading your blogs behind the scenes, as always. But for now, I need to remove the stress of blogging and keeping up the blog for sanity's sake. I will be back....don't remove me just yet! Once all at work calms down I will catch up, I promise.