Sunday, June 05, 2016

Sunday Salon - 06/05/16

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It's a dreary, rainy day here in the Boston area...and that is kind of nice actually. 

I've got the TiVo frozen and am enjoying the sounds of the rain coming down and the kitties sleeping around me. Hubby and I are on vacation this week, which was extended by a day for me on Friday due to a freebie staff appreciation day. A thank you for our extra effort during the merger, which took place Thursday. Yep, folks, I now work for Berklee School of Music. Exciting.

I'm already struggling with not worrying about work... I was able to hire the gal who helped out last year, so I know everything will be fine. But I'm still having to refocus my thoughts often...and it's still just the weekend, so nothing has happened yet! Ugh, get control Shannon!

Friday and Saturday were actually quite productive as cleaning and laundry got done early so I could just sit back and just enjoy. I also finally updated months of back log in tracking finances in Quicken and set up new accounts as hubby and I recently changed banks. Hubby also did his share, so the lawn is even mowed!

I also broke out my camera again, in the hopes of getting out this week. It's looking to be a fairly wet once though, so who knows!? But at least I am reading up again and playing with it. The blogger Gallo Organico does a summer photo scavenger hunt, so maybe I'll toss in this summer...hmmm....

Saturday was also the annual library book sale, and once again I did some fair damage. I actually came home with a full box...and hubby didn't threaten divorce. So he's a #keeper!

The problem with buying a bunch of great books is you just want to read them all. Now. Every. Single. One. Right now!  But realistically I can't possibly. But I can dream.

Have a great week everyone!!