Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Salon - 05/15/16

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My goodness time flies... So much has happened since we last talked! I'm just going to have to focus on the main and most recent items. 
Shortly after we last chatted, we had a major health scare in the family. My mother-in-law had a health crisis and for several days, we were just not sure. But at the last minute she pulled through and they were able to insert a pacemaker which has given her much-appreciated reprise. God willing it will be a many-year-ed gift!
In the midst of that craziness, I had promised to help out at the theater which I had not done for a couple of years I guess. It was really cool to be back and take part again. I put in just one night, a weekend evening. It was low stress and just plain fun. I'm glad I did it.
I recently celebrated my 46th birthday. Blah!

My little brother graduated from college this weekend. My LITTLE brother, from COLLEGE! Holy crap-oly! I'm so proud. Like many students, he struggled a bit and took some time off (as did I when I was in school), but he made it through with a hard-earned B.A. in history! Go Patrick!  We just got back from a celebration cookout and are exhausted from the exciting weekend!
Things are gearing up at work for our summer programs, which I manage. It's been crazy with the semester end, finals and Commencement. And now the summer programs are just weeks away. Wowzy! Also, the merger continues to move forward. Things have been going smoothly, so far. This month, Berklee's HR managers are sitting down with our staff (and our supervisors) and essentially telling us what to expect from our jobs and the merger changes, for the immediate future, given the June 1st official date of merger. My meeting is Tuesday morning. Wish me luck and send a few (much needed) prayers.
I was able to update a few things on the blog, but CLEARLY I have not given it nearly the attention I should. I'm working at it...

Truly I am.
Have a great week everyone!!