Saturday, July 09, 2016

Sunday Salon - 07/09/16

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Goodness what a hellish week it's been!!
After months of "nah, I got this", "no problem, all is under control", and "nope, I don't need to hire more help.", this week hit like a brick...or a ton of bricks...or a ton of ton of bricks! Last week, it truly and honestly was all under control, I swear!
Wiith over 100 students arriving tomorrow for summer programs, this week has been a non-stop, early arrival leave late, go in extra days week. We, uh I, got the list of parents who didn't bother sending the appropriate paperwork on time down from over 30 to just 3 or so, and the unpaid (how do you sign you kid up for a summer program and not think to PAY for it!?!) down to just one.  We also managed to get ID cards for all despite the machine constantly breaking down. And I am exhausted!!! 
But I am pretty sure we are ready...I hope...I really, really hope we are ready!!
Sadly, that is all life has been this last couple of weeks, work....

...and nothing more. Sorry guys.

Have a great week everyone.