Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Salon - 2nd try

1. I put together a great post yesterday using a new  blogging app. The eblooger app keeps failing due to the recent Apple updates (and it was never great anyway, barely enabling you to add pictures, no html access, etc.). The new app is pretty impressive, or it was until my post was all set to go, I hit publish and …it went “away”. No clue where it went, but it is not live, not saved, just gone. Grrr!!!! But I’m trying this ONE more time. [Looks like it was my fault…the save button I’ve been hitting is, obviously, NOT the save button. But I do think I found the right one now.] 2. It was a busy, busy summer. My summer program were overwhelming and exhausting, but I survived (as did most of the students, haha, just kidding everyone had an awesome time!). I was glad when it was over and I went on vacation, but I do feel I learned a lot about the process and expect that next summer will be smoother 3. I am pretty much done with this whole election thing. Seriously. And more than a little terrified. I have never been shy about sharing my political points of view, sorry Facebook friends, but will spare you all. You’re welcome. But let’s just do this thing and get it over already.  
4. A few months ago, I had written a wonderful long post with lots of updates and just needed to add pictures (see note about eblogger above). I then walked into the kitchen for something and managed to break a toe on the way back. Yeah, I know. Hubby says I could stub my toe in a round room, and he is not wrong! I know a broken toe shouldn’t stop me from blogging, but…well, you know. 5. I had the opportunity this summer to take some photos. My “little” brother played a performance with his band, The Miller Street Barn Band. I took the ole camera along for fun. And, I actually got some pretty good pics, if I do say so myself! More importantly, I had a great time. 6. So Boston Conservatory has officially merged wth Berklee School of Music. My paycheck now comes from Berklee. The actual process, merging efforts, will take years, but we have begun. And, more importantly, I still have a job…and that is good news! 7. The Purely Vocals girls and I performed out last gig of the season last night. With Vicki enjoying her retirement and traveling the world during the winter months, we only get to sing and perform together during the summer. But it was good one, with several performances and another girls’ weekend away in Conneticut. See attached photos. 8. Way back in the day, I was able to get a little blogging done at work…during extreme down times (I spent a lot of time waiting for others to get back to me). Now a days, not only am I very busy much of the time (which is good, I prefer being busy), but we use Google products (email, drive, etc.). That means that I am not able to log into the blog, without logging out of work email, etc. and logging into my own. That is very inconvenient. Come on Google, figure this out! 9. The kitties are doing really well. They are fully grown now, at two years old. L is still a little tiny peanut and A is a big, big girl, but everyone is healthy. They still play like little babies, jumping on one another, chasing mice toys, and cuddling as much as they can. A has recently started coming to me for cuddle times, that is new! And its awesome!  
10. Well, I’ve managed to pick up some nasty bug…runny nose, sore throat, and I do believe a fever. Time for me to go to bed, despite it being only 7:30. Night, night.
P.S. If this upload works, I am all into this new blogging app!
Update: hmmm, not perfect. Needed a bit too much nit-picking.