Friday, March 25, 2011


I was particularly touched today by Amanda's blog at The Zen Leaf.  

It has admittedly been an area of worry and concern for me that I have recently started this blog, but have not done a stellar job of keeping up with it (it is never far from my's just that I happen to be the kind of person who takes way to much on!).  I worry that I am not reading fast enough, am not blogging enough, am not commenting or reading others' blogs enough, am not...enough. I would hate to lose readers and worry that I will not get new readers because I am not focusing enough time and energy on my blog.  But the truth is:  I am just to overwhelmed right now...

As I eluded to in my "About Me" page (which I still have not finished...), along with working full time, I am involved with a local theater. Currently, I am co-producing RENT, a really amazing and wonderful show, at the Footlight Club which opens on April 1st!  Quick sales pitch:  This is gonna be a FABULOUS, AMAZING SHOW!!! If you are in the Boston area, you should check it is well worth the very cheap theater ticket price of $22.00/$19.00. Ok...done.

Additionally, I recently accepted the Acting Membership Director role on the theater's Board of Directors. I have held the Volunteers Director position for several years, but given the need for someone experienced to focus on membership immediately it made sense for me to move over.  So I have now taken over, which is great, except that our Membership Drive is going into full gear the same day RENT opens.  And I still have to maintain some of my Volunteers Director duties until June.

And I sing with an a Capella group, Purely Vocals, which rehearses regularly and is really trying to spread our name around and expand our performance opportunities. 

But, I am not done!  To make matters worse, my fiance and I are in the process of trying to purchase a home. The paperwork is processing (fingers crossed), but in order to make the deal we need to move out of our condo and let a tenant move in by, you guessed it, the same weekend RENT opens! So, in the next week I have to pack everything we own and move it all.

So, if you weren't keeping track, that's:
Packing and moving
Bank loans, renting condo and home buying stress
Producing/ensuring success of a show
Membership Drive
Volunteer Director duties
Continued efforts to book/perform with singing group

Can I say "day off please"?!?!

So, what this all is coming down to is...I get what Amanda is feeling! I really appreciated hearing another blogger, especially an experienced and successful blogger, say: Its OK to do as much as you can and then stop. Its OK to read less, or more slowly. Its OK to blog only when you have the time and something to say" [I look forward to the calm summer "after the storm" and enjoying books on my new porch with a glass of lemonade!!]. Its OK to avoid challenges (which I really don't enjoy as I am a very random reader, not a planner).

So, thank you Amanda for making me feel better. And thank you for helping us newbies to truly become better bloggers...even when that means not blogging! Thank you, and good luck on your new journey. I truly hope you find a peaceful blogging medium which makes you happy and leaves you stress-free to enjoy reading and sharing as you see fit.  With your help, I am a step closer to mine.

Peace and love,


Amanda said...

Hey Shannon. I just came by to check out your blog and this is what I found. Thanks very much for your comment today and for this post. It makes me feel better to know that other bloggers feel the same way. I was really nervous about posting my post this morning because I've literally been going at a 3-5 books per week pace for two years now. To the point where sometimes I dont' even want to LOOK at books, which is a sad thing. I dont' want to feel like that anymore!

I wish I lived in the Boston area as I've never seen Rent and it sounds like such a fantastic show! My husband listens to the music from it all the time and loves it. I'm looking forward to getting to know your blog. I'll be reading, even if right now while I'm adjusting I don't comment as often. You know the story. :)

Jennee said...

Eeekkk! I love RENT! I was slightly obsessed with it in high school and although the obsession has faded, I still know every word to every song. Sounds like you've been staying busy! Good luck!

Sylvia Ney said...

I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to reading more from you.

Laura M. Campbell said...

I think the best thing about the blogosphere, is you will never feel alone. I started taking on way to much with my blog, which lead to struggling to find a topic to write about. So, I took control and decided to post on specific days of the week, not every day. When it came down to it with my Prose from the Pros Fridays (post published work I like) I only really blog twice a week.

Now, I can focus on my writing. I read blogs when I post, and don't let the fear of losing readers because of it. If they like me, they'll stick with me.

Good luck with the challenge!

Ju Dimello said...

Great post.. Yes, it is important to take a day off to keep going !

As sometimes "writers" call it "filling the well"!

Following you from A-Z challenge!

nutschell said...

Rent is a great show!I'd watch it again anytime. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. Hope you don't spread yourself too thin, you might collapse from exhaustion. here's wishing you more energy!

Bz said...

Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge! Hope to see you around!

Sarah Allen said...

Wow, this sounds incredibly intense! Best of luck with everything. Rent is a great show :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Joyce Lansky said...

I started my blog back in 2009 but didn't post regularly until this year. You just need to find the right time to make a serious commitment. Also, what is your reason for blogging? That also makes a difference in whether or not you want to be a serious blogger. Good luck.