Sunday, July 03, 2011

Alive and Kicking (ok, maybe not kicking so much...) - Sunday Salon 07/03/11


Well hello there!

It is very nice to be back, very nice indeed!  Contrary to all appearances, I have not fallen off the face of the earth or been abducted by aliens (not that I recall, at least). I am still here...alive and kicking. Actually, not kicking so much...but more about this later.

So, if you read my last entry, you may recall that may life was overwhelming to say the least...

I was in the last few days before the open of a production of RENT, which was not only an amazing show, but also earned the distinction of being the highest grossing production in 135 years at my theater, as far as anyone knows.  And the cast ended up being such an incredible group that, on top of selling out almost every night of the production, they also raised over $2000 for local AIDS organizations at the show! And then, over two months later (well after most performers have moved on to other productions and forgotten past casts), a group gathered and walked in the Boston AIDS Walk 2011, raising even more funds.  What an amazing cast and crew! I am still extremely proud to have been a part of this group and of this production!

As well, I officially passed on my volunteer duties at the theater, and was voted in as the new Membership Director. My membership drive went into affect and already we have reached approximately 75% of the number of memberships that last year ended with (and the season hasn't even started yet), extremely awesome.  Yeah me (insert self-congratulatory pat on back here)!

Also, you may recall that my fiance and I were in the process of trying to pack and move while purchasing a home (it was an inter-family deal).  After an exhausting and stressful move, several months of back-and-forth with the bank and lawyer, and way to many contractors (turns out the house had some considerable damage), the deal finally went through!  We finally own the house/mortgage (with the above noted damage, but totally worth it) at a fair price that enables us to live comfortably and fix the damage.

Never one who is short on drama... shortly after moving in (our belongings landing on top of the belongings of a great aunt, who lived here for 50+ years) and beginning the process of digging in, I promptly broke my foot (thus no kicking)!  Obviously, our unpacking and settling in came to a very abrupt hold, as my fiance is a "trim the hedges" type of guy not an "unpack and create a 'home'" type guy. So, though we have made some progress, we are still living in limbo and will be until I can get back up on my feet.

Let me tell you, a broken foot is a big pain in an-area-other-than-the-foot!  It has affected just about everything I have been able to do (or not)...making me work from home for several weeks, making rehearsals and performances with my a cappella group very difficult (thankfully, the gals were very flexible and came to me), and generally making it impossible for me to clean and/or care for my new home. Needless to say, my fiance is also not a "clean-the-house" sort of guy, though he has tried his best. I am really, really ready to be able to get up and lose the crutches so I can do laundry, wash floors and disinfect the bathroom!!!

Ah, the a cappella group...  As mentioned, it was difficult to get around to rehearsals and performances.  But when the major leagues call one must make allowances, and a-callin' they did come! My group, Purely Vocals, got a call from the Red Sox (!!!) wanting us to sing at a game. There was no way we, or I, could say no! We've sung for their "farm team", the Paw Sox, for several years, but this was a totally different...uh...ball game - 10,000 vs. 36,000+, and it was a sold out crowd!

So, despite having gone to the hospital earlier that day in excruciating pain for tests for a potential blood clot (thankfully negative, it was a pulled muscle with spasms), I made a sound check, a last minute doctor's appointment, and a National Anthem performance the next day on "Red Sox Nation Day 2011". It was truly amazing and terrific and totally, awesomely cool!!!  And then, I promptly went home and drifted into a Percocet haze for several days.

My foot (and muscle pull) continues to heal, albeit slowly. I am finally putting weight on it and walking slowly...but still with crutches and discomfort (a nice way of saying, frankly, it still freakin' hurts!). But I am working down to one crutch or a cane (at which time I may actually be able to water my poor plants) and will eventually resume normal activities. 

So, all in all, its been a very, very busy, chaotic and overwhelming few months!  But, as noted, I was maintaining...

Despite all of that drama I did not stop reading, books or blogs.  Even though I was not writing, I was keeping an eye on my Google Reader. I have read quite a few books over the past few months (as being couch-bound tends to give you time to do).  Given my move and resulting foot issues, I was, however, library-less which pretty much sucked. I did do overdrive downloads, but had not unpacked my I was reading on my phone, which worked but wasn't perfect.  But last weekend, I finally got my fiance to take a trip with me and we both got our new library cards and some books. I am thrilled with my library and can not wait until I can wonder crutch-less and free through the 3 floors of stacks and really see what they have!

I plan to review some of my finished books soon, though I am still catching up at work and busy as always. But that's more than enough for now. 

It really is nice to be back!

Peace and love,