Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me - Winston

Let me clarify that this is NOT A BOOK FOR EVERYONE!!  Definitely rated R!!  

But the average American gal, especially one who has spent many years looking for Mr. Right, or guy will find this book quite funny...if you can get past all the discussion of B.J.s, H.J.s, and other sexually explicit stuff (need I say "broken vagina"?).

If you are still reading, you must be able to get past that, so...

It may not be obvious in my writing, but I have a great sense of humor. Granted, it's a bit of a warped sense of humor...but it is there (thanks to my Dad)! It was no surprise therefore that I loved Hilary Winston's memoir My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me.  

Hilary is the typical American gal, who just happens to be a professional sitcom writer (My Name is Earl, etc.). She spends her life as many young women do, looking for Mr. Right. Her first "real relationship" (in high school) ends when she finds her guy in a trailer, naked, with another girl...yep, like I said, typical. 

A flurry of men pass by her as she tries to find "the one". Then, one day she meets the man she can see herself marrying. And they live happily...for about five years, and then he breaks up with her because she is more successful than him. More men pass. Until one day she enters the local Barnes & Noble to discover Mr. (not-so)Right wrote a book about her in which he relives their relationship nearly word-for-word and calls her "my fat-assed girlfriend" hundreds of times. She is floored. She is angry. She is hurt, but ultimately she is able to use the experience to mourn their relationship and discover that maybe what she's been looking for was there all along. Maybe it's not about finding Mr. Right but about accepting Ms. Right, and then Mr. Right will have no option but to love her.

As noted, I loved this book but it certainly is not for everyone!  So, in my humble opinion:

4/5- Great. 

2/5- Choose with extreme prejudice!


Jeremy Bates said...

Sounds like a wild ride. Broken vagina? lol Now that's funny! I don't know that it is possible, but I have made many an attempt at doing that in the past to no avail.