Monday, October 29, 2012

Surviving Sandy...

Life is funny sometimes. Sitting here as the storm rages outside, I find myself surviving Sandy.

Twenty years ago, I wasn't sure I could...

I fell in love in college, but as often happens it didn't last. I was heartbroken, but wanted him to be happy more than anything. He was as kind and understanding as he could be, given we lived two doors away from one another in the same dorm and he had started dating another girl who lived downstairs, Sandy.

Valentine's Day that year was going to suck anyway, so I offered to cover the dorm door-watch shift. He had come in from his night out and was sweetly wishing me a happy day. He innocently leaned over to hug me...and SHE walked in.

Immediately, she began screaming and ranting. Violent, trying to reach me. B-tch, c-nt, she would kill me if I didn't stay away from him.  I was horrified, speechless. He had hugged me! He was being kind, nothing more. We were over and that was that.  After several seconds of complete disbelief, he responded with appropriate embarrassment and managed to drag her away. I was shaken, terrified. I had done nothing wrong other than love a guy.

She spent the remainder of my time in the dorm ensuring that their time spent together was obvious to me. She poked and prodded the wound, and enjoyed it. Cruelty as an art form.

I graduated and moved away. Life goes on.

He married her.

About a year or so ago, twenty years later, I had my only "run-in" with her. I was working on a show and a shared friend was in the show. It got back to her, and she made snide, childish remarks on Twitter.

I weep for their children...

But not for me. I survived Sandy once before and with any luck, I'll do so again.

Hope everyone is safe!