Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Salon - 03/31/13

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Hi all,

Haven't done one of these in a while, but wanted to wish all a very Happy Easter (or a Happy Bunny Day to the agnostics...or a Happy Peeps Day to the Americans)!!

There is, of course, lots of news in the book-blogging world these days. I have avoided talking much about most of it because, well, "Whatever...".

Amazon buying Goodreads? Sounds like a major bummer for some and I do get the concerns about Indies. But I signed onto Shelfari years ago (before they sold out to Amazon) and frankly, I survived. Because I like the look of Shelfari, I just stayed (I do have a Goodreads acct, but rarely use it). And, to Amazon's credit, I've never been harassed or sent sales emails or anything. Truthfully, I never buy books anyway...I am a library user and have been my whole life. So, "Whatever..."

Google Reader closing shop? This one hit a little closer to home. I am a GR user and was initially bummed. I did some homework and read that there was this other cool reader out there... I went to their page to learn that they had stopped accepting new "free" accounts, assholes. But I kept reading blogs and articles and someone suggested Feedly. I gave it a try and so far that seems to be working fine. I was able to import my GR subscriptions and the Android app is pretty nifty. An unexpected benefit was that this forced me to go through the some 200+ feeds I had, more than one of which had not posted in over a year, and clean house. So, if you haven't posted in over a likely got removed. Not that you care. I mean, it's been a year. Of course, if your site was one of those that I was supposed to have updated, I likely did this, finally. So, "Whatever..."

I have also been thinking of adding a new post to my blog, a "Slice of Life" type post...but have yet to decide. A) does anyone really care about the day to day silliness of my life? And B) I read a lot of folks who are cutting down on posting to a few times a week, as I currently do now, due to burnout. Maybe I shouldn't push it? Or maybe I'll just wait until things calm here, and make the decision later.

Oh, and I am supposed to be taking part in the A to Z Challenge this April. I better get started on that!

On a personal note, the past couple months have been non-stop! I am producing Steel Magnolias, one of my favorites, at the theater. It goes up in May so we have been crazy busy putting together a crew and then casting. It's also Membership season at the Club. So it am once again in the midst of a membership drive. Doing ok so far, but its early. I actually decided to step down in June, after my term is over. I have so much else going on, and have been doing it for so many years... Now felt like a good time.

Purely Vocals is going strong, as always. In March, one of our new Irish buddies came to visit, which was cool. We have a calmer April/May planned, but not much! And then June seems to be non-stop again with at least four or five gigs scheduled already. This conflicts a bit with my show, which goes up May 30th...but should be doable. And we are once again scheduled to sing for the Paw Sox, in Providence lat in the summer. Lots of good stuff on the horizon!

Well, I've got to get moving or else I will be late for bunny-festivities. 

Hope everyone has a great day and a terrific week ahead!


Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria said...

Hey Shannon, I saw your blog from the A-Z challenge. I'm interested in book blogs, and so I thought I'd stop by. Can you tell me more about what book blogs do? Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Do a slice of life piece. I've been thinking of the same thing. I do some already, but its primarily related to books in some way. I agree about Amazon. Never been harassed, but do get emails about items I may like based on preferences from items I've purchased. I buy a lot on there, but I do get wanting to support small business and feeling Amazon is this big Goliath. However, I'm not freaking out. One thing is for sure, everything changes. So I am sure something will pop out in Indie form to balance Goodreads/Amazon. Of course, we always have a choice to stick with that app or not.

Please post updates on Steal Magnolias!!!