Friday, May 24, 2013

About to get crazy up in here...

Things are about to get crazy up in here...

This weekend starts "tech-week" for Steel Magnolias, which for all you non-theater types means that I relinquish my life and become a zombie for several days, traveling from one responsibility to another, often skipping meals and certainly losing hours of sleep, culminating in what is hopefully an awesome and amazing opening night.

Typically, a producer sits back at this point and watches the cast and crew work their magic...stepping in only to stop people from clawing each others' eyes out due to stress. Unfortunately, our stage manager is relatively new and therefore at this time I am switching gears and stepping into stage manager mode and "calling" the show. That means that I have carried one of the most stressful roles thus far and, just as relief arrives, I am taking on the next most stressful role!

What we crazy theater geeks won't do for a good show...

Anyway, I have prearranged a few posts but do not be surprised if I disappear for a few weeks as I wonder aimlessly, eyes bugged out (assuming they are not clawed out by some overstressed lighting designer), drooling a bit, and mumbling to myself, "Go light cue six...go...Go, GO SIX..GO...GO...GO!!!!"

See you soon!