Thursday, May 02, 2013

April ReCap 2013...


April 2013 Update

Well, April was supposed to be calmer and more relaxed around here...but in light of the Boston Marathon bombing mess, a good week was lost to stress and craziness. So, it wasn't quite as successful as I would have liked, but ultimately I did my best. Things move along with shows and rehearsals and, well, life is busy as usual!

This month I read:
Total Read: 3
YTD: 16
Adult: 3
YA/children's: 0
Abandoned: 1

I Suck At Girls - Justin Halpern
A Gift of Hope - Danielle Steel
January First - Michael Schofield

The Lifeboat (abandoned purely due to time purposes, I intend on finishing this asap)

Favorite Book(s) of the Month:
None of them were particularly great, most of them were short. I guess I would say
A Gift of Hope - Danielle Steel

Challenges Update:

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge = 16 of 58
A-Z Book Challenge = 11 of 26
Library Reading Challenge = 16 of 36
E-Book Reading Challenge = 5 of 25
What's in a Name 6 Challenge = 4 of 6
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