Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday Salon - 07/07/13

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July is here and my summer has finally begun!  Two weeks of vacation has been heavenly!!

Hope everyone had a great fourth! Sorry for not stopping by, we decided to paint early in the week...despite the 20+ people we had invited for a 4th celebration! Needless to say, it was a bit crazy around here for a few days.

We did get some house work done this week! We finally painted the living room and front hall, just eggshell - but its still several shades lighter than the years-old off-white that was there.  There's still much to be done, but its be excruciatingly hot and humid so we limited ourselves. Also, hubby has decided he will remove the wall between the dining room and the hall, opening the whole thing up, before we move forward with the rest of the painting and rug removal. I'm cautiously excited...and bummed that I have to live with these rugs any longer. But, at least he is motivated to get stuff going before summer's end!

I spent much of my two weeks of vacation doing website work, more than expected! Turns out a good section of the site was unfinished and I hoped to get it done. No luck, there's still more to accomplish...but for the most part its looking much cleaner and is definitely more useful for a theater.  

I did go, or I should say we went, out over the weekend for a drive around New Hampshire and photo taking. You know you've got a great guy when he'll drive around and scout shooting locations for you! It was a nice day hanging with hubs and I got some nice shots.  You can check it out on my Facebook page:


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Its back to work tomorrow, oh well...

Books and Blogging
Vacations always seem to render me useless, I clearly didn't get a lot of blogging done. But that's ok, I've been busy enjoying my down time. I have been reading a bit and plan to get the blog back into shape this week.

Hope its a great week!