Monday, June 23, 2014

Mondays and Monday Mailbox - 06/23/14


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Still have all those awesome birthday books On Deck, but once again my options have expanded!

If you recall, my local library's Friends group had a book sale a couple weeks ago. 

"What pray-tell do they do with all those leftover books?", you ask.

(ok, you didn't, but let's just say you did for consistency's sake)

Well, turns out that they unload them at summer events at the local lake. This weekend was the Festival By the Lake and they had a booth where they offered the books FREE! Oh yes she did! She just used the words FREE and BOOKS in the same sentence! They basically just ask for "donations" for the group. 
That Loving Frank book kept following me around.  Regardless of where I went, it was there. I finally took the point and grabbed it.

I happened to have a couple hours available Saturday morning and took a drive over (my first festival in the several years I've lived here, so the FREE thing was new to me) with a handful of plastic bags. Less than a half an hour later, I had another three bags full!

My only complaint was the push and shove that was necessary to get to the good stuff. I hate crowds! But I can elbow with the best of them if need be and got some more really great books, many of which are on my TBR list.

I don't know how much they had left (the booth was much smaller than the set up at the sale), so they might have been bringing out new books all day. But I had other responsibilities so I settled for my three bags.
Children's books too!

Of course, I left a nice donation and then hoofed it back to my car.  

Quite a walk, but it was worth it!