Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Salon - 06/8/14

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Wow, have I been busy!
Stock photo, not my actual car...
I missed posting last weekend because I was in car buying hell. That's right, after much back and forth hubby and I decided it was time to deal with it. He will be selling his 1990's era Toyota Corolla to some local kid for cheap.  I purchased a new CRV EX and he will drive my older RAV4 which is still in good condition. It was a stressful couple of days, but its finally done. I will pick it up later this week and am very excited!

Over Memorial Day weekend, I was off to Connecticut with the ladies in Purely Vocals. We had a fabulous weekend singing, hanging by a beautiful lake, long nature walks, cocktails, etc. But it was a busy weekend, no lazy reading days for me!
Work-wise, even though we are post graduation work has not calmed much. There are a lot of end of year things to finish up and ongoing projects. I haven't been able to plan a vacation yet, as I am awaiting word on my job and the changes that are coming... I do not want to have to return to work for interviews during my vacation week! Also, its looking like I will probably be painting my house over that vacation, so...blah!


Reading is slow because of my being so busy. I had really hoped to read by the lake, but it was rare. I finally finished up The Word Exchange and am now settling into The Big Tiny by Dee William. I am so looking forward to reading all those great books I purchased with my birthday gift certificates, but I am still trying to get through my Netgalley spree. And I got another ARC in the mail this week from Random House, but I haven't finished the other two or three I have. 

I really need to spend that vacation catching up on reading! These slow reading months are making it look unlikely I will succeed with my annual challenges...but I am keeping a positive outlook and hoping life will slow down (and reading motivation will ramp up) soon.