Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Savings - 12/13/14


Riesen Candies:

Regular price = $2.99

No sale...but, I had two Register Reward coupons for $3.00 that were going to expire.


2 @ #$2.99 - $6.00 = $0.02 money maker


2 Catalinas printed for more Riesen candies ($1.50 off two). I am holding these hoping they will go on sale in time to use them!

Remember that Couponing is always a work in progress - and that is OK! 
I once again reworked how I am organizing my coupons. At first, I cut and separated them into a binder by category. Then, I decided (as did many other long-timer couponers) that a lot of time was wasted managing that system!
Then, I started keeping the entire coupon flyers by week... But that leaves you carrying around a ton-crap (yes, that's the official term) of extra paper weight.  And, more importantly, good coupons get missed!  After cleaning out my expired coupons and tossing coupons for items I knew I had or would have bought, I was kicking myself!


My new system is: 
Cut all coupons out weekly and toss extra paper. Separate/organize them by expiration date! Duh!

Most of the couponing sites that list deals also list the expiration date, so I can easily find them. Also, as the date nears...I can pull that envelope and flip through, pulling coupons for coupons that I don't want to waste, regardless of sale dates (for example Riceworks chips, no sales on these but I am going to buy them...they are awesome...and money saved is money saved, right?!). Also, removing expired coupons is super easy, rather than the hours it took previously! I still use my binder separators for printed coupons, as I only print ones I know I will use.

Is it perfect? No, there have been a couple situations where I knew I had a coupon for an item I wanted to buy but couldn't find it, requiring a fair amount of sifting through coupons. But that's rare and a small price to pay.

Again, I am working this system for a few months to see how it works. If it's not successful, I'll change again. But hopefully this will work better for me.  Couponing is definitely not one-size-fits-all. Do whatever works for you, whether its a big binder and lots of organizing or a small couponing envelope.