Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Salon - 12/14/14

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Life: much busy!

As I mentioned, I got the new job at work and the plan to split my current job into two parts moves forward. I started the new job two weeks ago (I split my day between the two departments), but the agreement was that I would continue to serve my current department as well until September (or until they really don't need me anymore). We are starting the hiring process for my replacment, but that could takes months. In case it wasn't clear, that leaves me covering TWO full-time positions until further notice. No, my hours did not technically increase, just my workload. Thankfully my new boss if really understanding. And, I did mention that I had lost one of my assistants, right? So, yes, I am covering 2.6 full-time positions in my supposed 35 hours a week. Add planning and executing holiday parties and such end of year stuff to my list... I'm pooped!

On a good note, both bosses have ok'd my Christmas holiday vacation so I will leave Dec 23rd with the understanding that I don't have to be back until Jan 5th! Better than any holiday gift I could get.

I have yet to begin my XMas shopping, not that I have a lot to do, but I should really hop to it!

I had hoped that Christmas vacation would include the addition of a couple new kitties to our home...but it doesn't look like that will be happening. Hubby is still struggling with our loss (well, we both are, but I was perhaps a bit more prepared) and is worried about his allergies. I understand, but am missing it desperately. I guess I just have to wait to see...

I'm trying to keep up with blogging along with everything else. Apologies if pickin's are slim over the next few months.
I finally picked up my new glasses this past weekend, very cute. But I am definitely not used to wearing them yet. So, I am reading on my iPad rather than a book. I am reading Danielle Fishel's (Topanga on Boy Meets World) memoir. It is cute, funny and a really quick and easy read. Just right for my overwhelmed and exhausted brain!

Have a great week!