Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Salon - 1/17/16

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Howdy Doody!
Popping in to say high and update. All is well on the northern-eastern front.
Work is very busy. I don't get any time to do personal stuff, like blogging, like I used too in the old job as my new position really is the combination of what is typically three separate full-time jobs. More than one person has indicated that when they saw my job description, they just laughed. No one thought it was possible. It's not, but I am doing my best to keep up. And we have made some adjustments  which have enabled the role to manage more and hands-on less duties, so I am surviving. My bosses tell me repeatedly that I have been doing a really great job and am making a difference for them. So that is really, really nice to hear - especially after my recent situation. This is definitely what I am used too!
Changes are still in the works there...but it's not been officially announced yet, so I can't share just yet. But I will when the time is right.
The past couple of weekends have been extra busy. My in-laws moved out of their home of like 50+ years, to a condo not far from hubby and I (about 5 minutes). We've spent a few days, along with my sister-in-law and her family (who have been helping prepare for months) moving them, unpacking boxes, finding slippers, pillows, and toothbrushes, etc. It must be incredibly hard for them... 
But it's a cute condo, closer to us than they were originally to any family, which is good. They still have a lot of unpacking to do, but they can eat, sleep, shower, dress, and watch TV/read. It's a start. We spent today making the place look less like a storage shed and more like a home, emptying as many boxes as we could and removing them, cleaning up, helping to fix closets, unpack boxes of bathroom build up (if you've ever moved, you know how this type of stuff multiples without your realizing it!). In their eighties, they can only do so much on their own, but hopefully they can now begin relaxing and settling in a bit.  We'll likely be back next weekend, and several after that until every box is unpacked and removed. And I was actually able to give them a "coupon-care-box" of goodies I have stocked piled in my basement (detergent, soap, trash bags, dish soap, etc, etc). Yeah for couponing!
Other than that, hubby and I are just going to spend tomorrow's holiday snowed in (by all two anticipated inches) reading and relaxing with the kitties.

Unfortunately, after the longer commute and overtime, I am usually wiped out at night. So it's hard to motivate to do just about anything. Despite that, I did start a blog project this week. Not realizing it was Bloggiesta weekend, I didn't sign up...but the project, which I'm hoping to finish tomorrow really is fitting. And, I did manage to preset a bunch of posts. Now I just have to remember to complete and publish them!  And I really, really have to get some reviews done!  Honestly, the more I can do on my iPad, the more likely it will be published. If I have to turn on a computer...well, not likely.
Anyway, things are still chugging along here. I hope all is well where you are and that you are looking forward to spring as much as I am!
Have a great week everyone!!