Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Suburban Junkie - Jude Hassan

Title: Suburban Junky: From Honor Roll to Heroin Addict

Author: Jude Hassan
PublishedGenre: Memoir

Rating3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.

Book Source: Library

Recommended if you like: Memoirs, Family and Relationships, Drug Culture


What Its About:  
Jude Hassan was always a "good kid": good grades, involved in sports, close to his family. He had a lot to look forward too.  After moving to a new town however, Jude decides he wants to be something new, something fun. He wants to be popular. He wants to make friends and date girls and have a good time. Jude makes a new friend, a buddy who can hook him up with friends, girls...and drugs.

Peer pressure, naiveté, and curiosity lead Jude down a steep, scary slope. What begins as an innocent couple of drinks and tokes of marijuana turns surprisingly quickly to a heroin addiction. Within a few months, he is hooked and his perfect life has slipped away. 

Losing his parents trust doesn't reach him. Ending up in trouble with the law doesn't reach him. It's only by the sheet grace of God that Jude is able to get control, with the guidance and love of his dying father, as well as a burning guilt of what he has done and lost. 

The Bottom Line: 
A very interesting read. Hassan spares nothing in his honest and detailed explanation of how quickly drug use can get a hold of you and lead to poor choices, bad decisions, and loss of control. Some of the book (particularly how his mother spoke to him) felt a bit contrived, silly. Of course, I can't possibly know...but I chose to believe that he was rewriting her words for ease. But overall this book was well written. Worth a read.