Tuesday, May 01, 2012

April is over, now what...

The A to Z Challenge is over...

It was literally a challenge, but it was fun too! I found a bunch of new sites to follow. I gathered a few new followers myself, welcome! And I got some great ideas for my blog moving forward.

One great idea that came about was from my Q post, quotes.

I have long been a quote collector, but my lists are just sitting unused in Word. So I have decided to use some of those quotes in my blog. I will try to include a new quote in posts often, though I'm not going to overdo it. Some days the quotes will connect with the posts, over days I will use the quote just because its cool and I love it!

Should be interesting, no?!

"I love quotes... I love reading them. One day I imagine other people putting up quotes by me on their blogs. Maybe...." ~Angeline Trevena 

You're on baby!


Gossip_Grl said...

Someone gave me a calendar for Christmas with a quote a day. Today's quote is: "A year from now you may look back and wish that you had started, today" ~Unknown~
I thought it was a great start to my day.

Graciewilde said...

I love quotes! I might be doing more of this in the next year too!