Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Orchard - Weir

Theresa Weir is a street-smart bar tender when she first meets Adrian Curtis, the son of a prominent apple farming family. Despite both family's concerns, Adrian and Theresa fall in love and marry after only three months. Little discussion is needed, it is understood that the couple will return to Adrian's home and build their lives and family around The Orchard.

Theresa quickly finds herself isolated, cut off from her own deeply flawed family, and having to adapt to a new domestic life of cooking, cleaning and sitting around waiting for her new husband to return from the fields. She establishes a new life as best she can, writing as a way to cope, an activity that provides her with success, self worth and financial flexibility.

Despite that, adjustment is slow.  Her in-law's blatant rejection of her confuses her and she is especially hurt when discovering that Adrian continues to eat dinner with his parents before returning home to her, where she has often cooked for him as well. His excuse, that this is just how farming families work, takes time to settle in. Everyone expects the couple to part quickly, but they find that as they better understand one another better, they develop a deeper, lasting love for one another.

Adrian and Theresa eventually have two children. With their arrival, Theresa slowly begins to see the farm in a new light. She becomes aware of the extensive amount of pesticides being used to keep the orchards functioning.  Chemicals and toxins that permeate the air and cover their home, belongings and even their bodies. Toxins that not only will destroy the land, but her family as well.

I loved this memoir. I felt a real connection with Weir and think others will as well. I would suggest this books strongly.

4/5- Great. Push it on your friends and family.

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