Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday Salon - 07/08/12

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Outside my window: Another lovely summer day, nice being stuck indoors!

I am listening to: The radio and the a/c unit.

I am reading: I Got This by Jennifer Hudson, a good, easy read so far.

I am going to read: much as I can this summer!

On the Blog: Been discovering that finding time to blog does not, in fact, get any easier. Another Sunday Salon on Monday...need I really say any more?!

Around the Book Blogosphere: Living vicariously through blogger-friends' children-pictures!

I am thinking: Less than one week until vacation...during which I have way too much to accomplish:
1. Start visa process for Ireland visit
2. Painting living room, dining room and as many other rooms as possible
3. Removing as much baby-diarrhea-green-carpet as possible
4. Yard sale/donations to get rid of years of crap, which will finally open up the porch for summer enjoyment!
5. Set up of crafts area in basement
6. Two Purely Vocals performances in one day this coming weekend
7. Final prep and planning for the first two weeks of August, which includes a BIG performance (possibly thousands of viewers) for Purely Vocals...
8. ...and another little thing, my Wedding-Reception-Cookout! Doh!
9. Hopefully some reading and ice tea on newly clean porch...

I am grateful for: My amaze-balls stepmother who is being so helpful getting this reception-cookout to happen, while she simultaneously helps plan and put on a huge hometown event the weekend before. I did say she was Amaze-Balls!

Around the house: See above...

In the kitchen: Boxes for the yard sale.

High of the Week: Friends over for dinner last night.

Low of the Week:  Hubby was not feeling well yesterday.

Family Matters: Everyone is busy!

The coming week: Crazy work week to prepare everyone for my two week vacation!

Words of Wisdom: 

"Good Lord, take a break every once in a while!" 

Have a great week, everyone!


MamaMunky said...

I love your Sunday Salon. Did you come up with the categories/questions? Like "high of the week, low of the week" etc? Does everyone use them or is that just how you do it?