Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!!

...or as a friend says, "Happy Fat American Day"!

Wishing all my American readers a very Happy Thanksgiving! Hoping it was filled with family, friends and many reasons to be thankful, as mine was. I have countless blessings to be thankful for this, friends, my kitty, health (mine and others), my amazing diva sisters (from another mother) and the awesome opportunities we have to share music with others, a job that allows me to share with others this year... The list goes on and on!

For my non-American readers... You all really should join in! Buy a turkey. Get up at 4am to put it into the oven. Spend the rest of the day cooking, eating until you feel like you're gonna puke and serving your family and friends like an Applebees waitress. Then spend several hours cleaning up after everyone, only to discover that you're hungry again!

Seriously! You're missing out!


Shannon Lawrence said...

Ah, you make Thanksgiving sound sooo goooood. ;-p

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shannon at The Warrior Muse