Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Slow week...

Crap, its been a slow week, blogging-wise. I hadn't finished a book last week, so I didn't post a review. And again this week, I just haven't gotten there yet! 

I don't know why. 

I have a wealth of great books available to me via my ipad and library...I just have not been able to get "into" anything these past couple of weeks. Maybe I'm just a little burnt out?  To say nothing of the chaos and craziness of election day and then the long weekend, which I always find it hard to post during, and efforts to clean up the yard before the final yard waste pickup this weekend.

Anyway, I'm just off... Sorry!

Even the kitty was annoyed...


Hopefully next week will be better as I am on vacation! Yippee!


Jeremy Bates said...

I get like that as well. Some days I can read a book straight through, and at others I struggle to get into the mood and get beyond a chapter. Oh, well, the only thing consistent is change. lol