Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday Salon - 12/30/12

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Wrapping up 2012:

After a very busy December, with PV performances each weekend and then getting hit with a week of the flu (of the fever kind, not the stomach bug kind thankfully!), this past weekend was a crazy rush to the holiday! Thankfully, the hubby and I decided that this year we would let ourselves buy our own "gift" (more about this later).  And then a distress call went out from a friend whose niece had a team wrapping presents at the local mall to support juvenile diabetes. she needed more bodies, more hands. I spent five hours Sunday night wrapping others people's packages. It was a ball and I hope to do so again next year!!

Christmas Eve was spent with my family, sharing presents and then attending a family friend's holiday party...good food, nice people, and great jokes! Perfect!  (My dad did great and enjoyed himself despite his recovery from angioplasty only a couple of weeks ago).

Christmas Day was spent with the hubby's family, presents with his daughter followed by dinner and hanging out at his sister's. Again, awesome food and a great time. It was nice to be able to hang out after dinner, rather than run right out to go to my parents (they celebrated with my stepmothers' family).

I was on vacation the rest of the week and despite good intentions, I spent more time lazing around than being productive (I had very intention of seeing Les Mis, but crashed and burned...maybe I'll just wait until it hits Comcast). But honestly, it was needed!  Thursday, I purchased my Christmas gift, a new digital camera! My old one is like 15 years old and I have this fantasy about becoming an artiste! Ha, ha, ha. The hubby bought himself a used electric guitar, big surprise. But at least we both got what we wanted, and didn't waste money on useless gifts that would be forgotten in a week.

My new camera will also come in handy when I travel to Ireland in just a few weeks! OMG, it came so quickly I'm kinda freaking out. I'm loathe to leave the kitty (I never have), but hubby will be here so it should be ok.

Because I didn't go out much, I actually got some reading done this week, two books. Reviews will be up soon, along with my December and year-end wrap ups. I was mildly successful with this year's Challenges, not bad for my first year doing them, but always room for growth.

Looking forward to 2013:

Looking forward to 2013! I was seriously worried about the world ending in 2012 and never actually finding out Who let the dogs out! LOL

But seriously, the new year holds lots of opportunity and experiences and I look forward to it!

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year!


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Take lots of photos. I've heard Ireland is amazingly green.