Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Salon - 06/23/13

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June is almost over and...I survived!

It's been a busy, busy year so far and, honestly, I am looking forward to a slower summer!! 

Steel Magnolias, the show I was working on, is over. It was a lot of fun, with tons of great reviews, but it was a huge commitment and I'm kinda glad it's done. Interspersed with the show dates were several weekends with multiple PV gigs...leaving me literally running from show to show some days. Ugh!  

I also happily stepped down from my Board position at the theater after something like seven years. I fully believe that I've left it in good hands and look forward to being nothing but an audience member for a while! I haven't disappeared completely, having offered to take over maintaining the website and working on getting a new database going. Never one to do anything halfway, I have undertaken fixing the site up a bit. It was created by amazingly talented web design students (for free no less)...who clearly had no understanding of our business! So I've decided to rework it a bit to make it more useful to our users.  Still very active...just from my computer at home!

After last weekend's strike I was barely a shell, I was so exhausted. I literally stumbled through another work week until this Friday when I officially went on a two week vacation!!  Can I get an "A-to the Men!!"? It could not have come at a better time!

But I haven't been lazy yet, the hubby and I spent yesterday doing serious yard work (after a decade of little care, the bushes were almost head-height in places!) and today I had to return some props from the show. I'm achy, but happy. Now if I could only sleep more! I'm still waking up at 7am, despite staying up late.

Books and Blogging
I have to admit, it's been slow... I had prepared some posts for while I was gone, but read so little I now have nothing to review! I promise I am on that, like white on rice. I did read one book for a blog tour...that will hit Tuesday so come back and check it out!

Also, noting that I am using the newly updated blogger app on the iPad's much better! Before, it was barely useful, so I just didn't bother. But my major gripe has been fixed (being able to move around in the work in progress), thank you very much programmers! And kudos!

This vacation week holds rest time, lots of reading, some website work, a couple of icky appointments (mammogram and tooth removal), a wonderful massage appointment, and perhaps a fair amount of photography time! I am very excited (well, except for those appointments)!! What are you up to this week?