Thursday, August 15, 2013

ASOL #1 - 08/15/13

I've realized...

... that I most enjoy blogs that give me often-funny updates on bloggers' personal lives.  No big surprise there, right?!

Silly me, that seems to be one area where I am lacking.  So after a previous post's positive response, I'm moving forward. If it brings me new readers, awesome. If not, but it makes even one of you laugh, it was worth it!

What to call it?

Sheila, over at Book Journey, calls her posts Morning Meanderings... But let's face it, a morning person I am not, so it would be Mostly late evenings, right before I fall into bed, Meanderings - and that's just too damn long!

And someone is already using Slice of Life...  I thought, "Well, I can't really steal it, can I? Someone's already using it..." But, it turns out that their posts are part of Two Writing Teachers writing meme - and, frankly, mine will not be "writing" but more likely babbling.

Then I looked up the phrase and, according to Wikipedia, a "Slice of life is a phrase describing the use of mundane realism depicting everyday experiences [,] in art and entertainment." [comma added by yours truly]  Kinda fitting, don't you think?!

So, sorry ladies, I'm kinda stealing it - though I will add an "A" to make it my own.

And, by the way, I find the abbreviation (asshole) hilarious... perfect, given my warped sense of humor (I found this absolutely hysterical, LOVE these ladies!).

So feel free to stop by and check out slices of (this asshole's) life...coming soon!

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