Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Salon - 11/10/13

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So, the past two weeks have been...not as restful as planned. Post party, I expected to rest and be lazy, rake some leaves and wait patiently for Thanksgiving. My body had different plans! 

The week after Halloween, I got a head cold and was out of work for three days. Lots of rest, liquids and all of that.  By Friday I was feeling better and ready for the weekend. Saturday I awoke feeling pretty ok and figured I would blow a few leaves. But, by mid-day, I had the worst stomach ache (searing pain). A trip to the hospital determind that I likely had the stomach flu going around (no nausea, apparently due to the dehydration from the head cold). I then spent the past week fighting off this tummy bug (I will spare you all the gory details, you're welcome) while still working, since I was out last week.

I can't possibly have been more thankful for this three day weekend!!!

Starting to return to normal now, well normal minus about ten pounds! Ha!

Books and Blogging

The good thing about being sick and spending hours in bed is the extra reading time (well that and having the hubby baby me with bowls of soup and glasses of Gatorade). Sometimes I have decreased focus, but usually I get at least a few extra reading hours in. I found another book that I was able to grab on to and power through, Twelve Months by Steven Manchester. A review is due on Wednesday as usual. I've just started Camp by Michael Eisner. Hoping this one moves quickly as well.

Anyone else fighting these nasty bugs going around?!

Hope it's a great week for everyone!!