Friday, November 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday Reviews Coming...

Throwback Thursday Reviews

As I've noted recently, I feel badly that I've had such a slow reading year. And of course I'd always like to offer more book reviews on my site, but being such a slow reader in a normal month makes this difficult, let alone my "slow months".

Then I remembered...I've read some really good books, many of which were before I started my blog! So I've decided to review some of these books and call these "Throwback Thursday Reviews"*.

Clearly, these will be older books. But perhaps they will be a book that you haven't read yet and maybe one that you had even forgotten?  Wouldn't that be nice?!  I won't likely do a review each week, but I'll try to at least fill in the gaps when I have not have finished a new book.

So keep your eyes open for these coming reviews and let me know if you add any of these "oldies but goodies" to your TBR lists!

*As with any book, reviews will be tainted by personal interests and experiences. Kindly note that these reviews will also be tainted by time and memory.


Jeane said...

I do this periodically too, although not on a regular schedule, just when the whim strikes me or when something happens to remind me of a past book. I always think these reviews won't be as interesting to the reader because sometimes I can't remember much about the book, but I've been surprised at the level of interest- sometimes I remind someone else that they also read that book long ago!