Thursday, January 23, 2014


Deb at  Readerbuzz recently wrote about "unreading", which she defines as perusing a few pages or sometimes a chapter or two of books to decide if she really wants to keep going. Personally, once I open a book I feel guilty about stopping.  Do you ever feel that way?  I've have finally managed to get to the point where if I really don't like something I can toss it aside, but I still feel guilty!

But I really like this idea! As noted previously, my current TBR list is somewhere around 7,000 books, which is more than I am likely to read in an entire lifespan (given my 1-2 book a week totals). So, I decided I needed to aggressively "unread" too. I was able to remove twenty or so titles that I had thought at one time I might be interested in, but either age, maturity or just plain old time has changed my view. I am no longer interested and so I went ahead and removed them.  Joy Behar. Some self-help type reading. Good riddance.

As Deb notes, it's " dusting properly or cleaning out one's closet". And it felt good!  I will definitely do this again in the future, likely the near future!

How about you, have you cleaned out your TBR closet recently?