Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday Savings - 11/15/14



Knorr Pasta Sides:

Sale price = $0.88 each (an awesome price to start, usually they are $1.00 on sale*)
Stacked with a Catalina (a coupon printed from the register after a previous sale) - $2.00 off seven

Total cost = $4.16, $0.59 each


One of the keys of couponing strategically is finding the rock bottom prices for products and only buying when those items are very close too or at rock bottom!  If you are paying, for example, $2.00 for a box of cereal after a coupon...that is NOT a good deal!  Most of the time you shouldn't pay more than $1.00 for cereal. Or toothpaste, if you are paying more than $0.50 for toothpaste you are being cheated! Often you can get boxes of toothpaste for FREE with a little effort.

All products have rock bottom prices and you just have to keep your eyes out to figure them out based on the sale cycles. There are websites that offer lists, but keep in mind those lists are often effected by location. What is rock bottom here in Boston may not be rock bottom in Georgia!