Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Salon - 11/30/14 & Thankfully Reading Weekend Wrap Up

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What a busy week it's been!

I was on vacation, so I got a lot of errands done while spending more than my fair share of time on Facebook!  One of my errands was to make an eye doctor appointment. They were able to fit me in due to my flexibility and, no surprise, I need glasses. Disappointing, but at fourty-four, I suppose it's about time. I chose cute frames and await their arrival.

Hubby and I spent a lovely holiday day with his family and then drove south to spend the evening with mine. We played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity (have you heard of this, tons of fun...but a bit raunchy?!) and ate lots of great goodies! It was a terrific day.

I opted to avoid all Black Friday stress and avoided all shopping and couponing last week (I did go this weekend for a few necessities and a handful of deals, though). Instead, I opted to take part in this year's Thankfully Reading Weekend.


Unfortunately, I basically did very little reading this weekend...

Along with the obvious issue of needing glasses (I've been borrowing hubby's, but he's nearly his glasses give me a headache!), we somehow motivated and spent a good couple of days cleaning out the basement.  Four (or is it five?) years later, the space is truly getting there. We got some excerise equipment and can finally use it. There is room to do laundry, a small shop area, and hubby's music area. It's been a long time coming and very exciting! So, though I really wanted to read, I can't be too disappointed.

This afternoon I finally put my current read, In Cold Blood, aside and pulled out a book on my iPad which is easier to see. I started Danielle Fishel's memoir, Normally This Would Be Cause For Concern. I'll get back to Capote once my glasses come in and I can actually see the book pages!

I start my new job tomorrow...did I mention that I got the job I was going after? I will be splitting my time between my current job and the new one for a while, until we hire someone new for the department.  Should be interesting...but sadly, blogging time will be limited until things settle down.

See you on the flip side!



Bryan G. Robinson said...

I think breaking your glasses is a good enough reason for not reading. ;)

But seriously I hope they come soon so you can get back to the reading.