Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Landlines - Rowell

Title: Landlines

Author: Rainbow Rowell
Genre: Fiction
3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.

Book Source: Christmas gift from my Secret Santa

Recommended if you like: Fiction

What Its About:  
Georgie McCool is torn between her career as a successful television writer (despite feeling stuck working on a silly sitcom), and her family.  She is the mother of two little girls and the wife of Neal, her college boyfriend who essentially gave up his own career aspirations to support hers. Her writing partner and long-time best friend, Seth, resents her seemingly-waning attention to their career and, perhaps, their changing friendship.

When, days before Christmas, Georgie is forced to make the decision to stay home and work on an amazing last-minute work opportunity or to leave town with her children and husband, no one is surprised when she stays. However, Georgie is surprised, though she does realize she shouldn't be, at Neal's unwillingness to answer his cell phone when she calls.

Only after days of trying to reach him is she finally able to get through, via her teenage bedroom's landline phone. It doesn't take long for Georgie to realize, however, that she is not speaking with the "current" Neal she knows and truly loves, but with the "younger, previous" Neal, who she knew years before while in college. Back then, when she and Neal fought, he drove hundreds of miles to Georgie's home to propose. Now, all these years later, Georgie is worried that she has either damaged that possibility or that, perhaps, it was never meant to be. Is this opportunity to speak with her husband a chance to fix things...

The Bottom Line: 
This novel has quite a unique and interesting concept, I am just not sure it was well presented. The writing is fine. The story is fine. Everything is just...fine. But not exceptional. Rowell does a good job of addressing this common idea of work vs. family, the importance of family, and that sort of thing. But there are no major a ha moments or anything like.

I enjoyed reading the book, but it didn't make any major impact on me.