Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Room - Karlsson

Title: The Room

Author: Jonas Karlsson
Genre: Fiction
3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.

Book Source: 
 I received this book from the publisher, Random House free of cost, in exchange for an honest review.
Recommended if you like: clue, weird stuff, short books


What Its About:  
This Kafkaesque novella shares the story of Bjorn, a compulsive man who, after being asked to leave his previous job, is hired by the "Authority", a government agency of some sort. It doesn't take long for Bjorn to decide that his coworkers, including his supervisor, are not up to his level of skill and brilliance. When Bjorn finds an unused office, "The Room", near the bathrooms of his new company, he quickly finds himself drawn to the space. He feels more centered and in control in the meticulous space, where everything is just right.

Unfortunately, the room doesn't really exist and when Bjorn "spends time" in the room, his coworkers find him standing creepily silent and still in the hallway. This leads to unrest in the workplace, with Bjorn's coworkers trying to get him fired, for their safety sake. But Bjorn fights back, using the focus the room provides him to make himself valuable to his new company.

The Bottom Line: 
Ok, Bjorn is...well Sheldon Cooper. Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Well Bjorn is the same socially inept, self-loving type of character. But Bjorn also seems to have a tenuous attachment to reality. 

This book was just...whatever. Not particularly entertaining, but not really bad either. Well written, though. Read it, or not. Whatever.