Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Moon Over Manifest - Vanderpool

Moon Over ManifestTitle: Moon Over Manifest

Author: Clare Vanderpool
PublishedGenre: Children's Fiction
3/5- Good. Read it, have a good time and move on. Or not.

Book Source: Library

Recommended if you like: Children's Fiction, Historical Fiction


What Its About:  

Abilene Tucker is a young girl, just twelve, when her father sends her off to live with an old friend, Pastor Shady Howard, in his "hometown" of Manifest, Kansas. Gideon Tucker is a hobo who rides the rails and never settles in one place and its just too dangerous for a twelve year old girl to be living that lifestyle.
But Manifest, Kansas ("A Town with a rich past and a bright future") doesn't quite live up to its nameIt's the Depression, and the only thing scarcer than water is the funding for a "bright future". Abilene feels abandoned by the father she loves dearly and sets out to discover any sign or clue of her father's past and why he has sent her here. But no one in her new town seems to have any stories or information to share about Gideon Tucker. At least, that is how it first appears.  However, with the help of new friends, of all ages and nationalities, Abilene finds not only her father in Manifest, but herself as well.
The Bottom Line: 
A sweet and entertaining book for children with just the right mix of mystery and emotions.  A pleasure to read.