Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Salon - 03/19/16

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And, she's back!
After so many weeks, I am sure that you were all sure that I had finally given up on the blog. But no, not me. I clearly don't know when to give up, so I am back once again!
After realizing that having a keyboard for my iPad would be extremely helpful at work, I decided to finally go get one. Then, my fish died. The one that I have had for a good ten years (honestly!) and talked about in this post:  
R.I.P. My beautiful friend.  
Hubby "buried" him by releasing his body into a nearby lake, so he has hopefully gone off to fishy-heaven.  And, in a bout of retail therapy, I bought not just a keyboard, but a new iPad, a mouse (turns out the only way to get that to work is to jailbreak, no thanks), and a new cover. Long story short, I had to go back THREE times to finally get a keyboard that worked, but I did...and here it is. Impressed? Well, I am. And, obvious benefit, it will make blogging much easier!
So, what is up with me?  
Work is busy as usual, though we have finally gotten  a student to help with things. As well, it is the middle of the semester, the mid-semester lull, so I am finally getting caught up. And, the big news at work is finally official: The Boston Conservatory (my company) will be merging with Berklee School of Music. By the middle of this year, we will all be Berklee employees. Exciting, stressful, wonderful, and more than a little scary. Everyone is hoping they still have jobs when this is done, but only time will tell.
The kitties are doing great. Still playful and adorable, though more and more adult every day. Sigh, they grow up so quickly! 

I've got a lot of catching up to do here, reviews and posts and blog upkeep, oh my!

First order of business, I need to update my TBR page. I haven't touched it in months as Shelfari is going away. Is anyone as bummed as I am about Shelfari?!?! Amazon, yuck! Goodreads, blah! Shelfari good! 

But what choice do I have? 

I sucked it up and updated my old (barely used) Goodreads page. It was a RIDICULOUS amount of work as my whole Shelfari book list did not transfer over easily. Lots of extra typing and lost all my followers.  I was not a happy camper! Though to be fair, it could have been much worse. 

And surprisingly, Goodreads has actually gotten better. It has a few key things that they never used to have (and Shelfari did), like the ability to export an Excel spreadsheet of your lists...a Godsend with a list of more than 10,000+ books. So that's a good start, though they still have an ugly set up. Shelfari always looked like an actual bookshelf, pretty!  What matters, I suppose, is it's finally done. Please feel free to visit me over thereand maybe even follow me?!

Well, I could go on and on, but that's going to be it for now.
Have a great week everyone!!



Jeane said...

Ah, you are a fellow aquarist! That is one big pleco- you must have a large tank. I know what it is like to mourn the loss of a fish- and my oldest was only three years. I'm hoping my current betta lives a bit longer- they can make it to five or eight years in optimal conditions (so says a university study) but I'm not that perfect of a fishkeeper.

Shannon said...

I am, though as noted in the previous post that pic is not my actual fish... My guy was definitely bugger, and prettier. Sorry to see him go, but he owed me nothing after all these years. I've got a few others that are older, but none that size or age. The loss of a loved one, even a fish, is always hard.

Joy said...

Sorry for the loss of your fish. You'll get new followers on Goodreads -- I just did!