Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Salon - 09/25/11

It's been a good week.

I'm feeling better everyday, foot-wise, though the physical therapist is sending me back to the doctor as I still have some pain. I expect him to say I'm fine and should keep up with the PT, which would be great. I could definitely use some more guidance in getting my leg strength and knee/ankle joint flexibility back.

Very exciting, I got my first opportunity to wander my new town's library this week! I have been there a bunch of times, but only hit up the "new reads" shelves on the ground level. But, with the increased flexibility and strength...and lack of a fiance following me around...I went exploring. They have terrific kids and teens areas, on the basement level, which make me wish I was young again (libraries were definitely not this cool when I was young...except to book-geeks like me!). They have a pretty thorough fiction area down there as well. And, my favorite, they have an extensive non-fiction (bios, memoirs, etc.) area on the 2nd floor.

Of course, the first place I headed was the education area. I really enjoy reading about teaching and teacher's, having had such a horrific experience myself. I like being reminded why its such a great profession. Then, I hit the music/arts memoir section, followed by  general biographies.  I could spent hours on that level alone! I look forward to spending more time there soon.

Work continues to be super busy, but the season is in full swing and things are beginning to normalize some.

And this weekend, my theater was one of the host locations for the 18th annual Jamaica Plain Open Studios artist event. It was a great event, with lots of foot traffic despite the threat of rain.  And, we sold several more memberships to the theater!  I am very proud of how my membership drive is moving along...

Last season's ending membership total (in June): ~234
This year's total, so far (September): ~230