Sunday, September 25, 2011

Travels with Charley - Steinbeck

How does one do a classic like this book due justice?!

In Travels with Charley, John Steinbeck sets out to explore the United States with just his faithful companion pddle, Charley.  It is the early 1960's and the country he knows, for good and for bad, is changing. 

From his home in New York state, across the northern states, down through California and across the southern states, then up through West Virginia to home, he travels meeting new people, discovering new wonders and visiting old haunts and old friends.

Through his journey, he has made notes on his country and the world as he experiences it. Every page is filled with valuable and timely comments about change, about social issues, and about growing older in America. Whether labor issues in the north or civil rights in the south, he has much to say that will make all readers stop and think.

I really liked this book, though I found myself having to stop sometimes and go back to reread sections. Being used to more contemporary writing, such in depth and thought provoking writing challenged me. But it was really nice to be challenged.  Honestly, I look forward to reading this book again.  I am sure I will find something new every time I read it!

5/5- Excellent. Keep it, treasure it, reread it.

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