Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday Faves - 03/1/12

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five. It's Friday so that makes it time to look back over our week and look for those things we are grateful for. It may be big or it may be small and you have to dig for it, but there are always things we can be thankful for. Please join us as we share our favorite five. If you need the guidelines they are here

1. Back to healthy. Spent this week fighting some sort of throat thing. Glad to finally be feeling a little bit better.

2. Watching cheesy TV. There isn't much better than sitting around on a sick day and watching television that you never get to watch - think Rosanne re-runs and 1980's movies.

3.  Extra sleep.  Another great thing about being sick, sleeping until ten a.m.!  Hell, sleeping more than six hours a night, being sick is worth that alone!

4. Lean On Me. One of the best movies out there! Man comes in and cleans up inner-city school, makes the students love and appreciate him, makes students love and appreciate themselves! You can't go wrong!

5. Snow. Honestly, I hate snow.  I hate winter. I hate cold. But considering the winter we've had: 40-50's, very little snow...I really can't complain. We started the season with a Halloween night storm, and here are (hopefully) ending the season with one more bang. March coming in like a lion, as they say!  Here comes spring!