Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday Mailbox - 06/18/12

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Mailbox Monday is on tour at Burton Book Review for the month of June.
I do not usually have the opportunity to take part in Monday Mailbox! 
Most of my reading is courtesy of my local library. When I started my blog, I jumped on the ARC bandwagon, but quickly found that I either could not read them in time or they were not what I expected and therefore weren't receiving great reviews from me. Besides, with a TBR list of over 5,000, who has time to waste on books that just weren't on your list to start with?!

So, I quickly decided that I wouldn't do ARC's much anymore.
But, after avoiding them for a while, a couple offers came in that were already on my TBR list and any chance to reduce that list is a go!
So, I asked for and received them both. I've just started reading the first, Brad Paisley's Diary of a Player and so far am LOVING it! It is no surprise that I am a country music fan and, honestly, Brad seems to just be a really nice, normal guy...who got incredibly lucky. 
I also got Helga Zeiner's Section 132 and I've started it, so I just haven't gotten far enough in to decide what I think.  So, you will just have to come back in July to see my full reviews!