Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Salon - 06/10/12

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A little late, but late is always better than never...

Outside my window: Gorgeous, sunny day, supposed to be 77 - Thank God summer has arrived!

I am listening to: Doing this a day late so, sounds of work, lawn mower outside, and Eagles on the radio.

I am reading: Trauma by Dr. James Cole and  Section 132 by Helga Zelner.

I am going to read: About to start Diary of a Player by Brad Paisley for a review.

On the Blog: Just finished up BEArmchair, working on a several upcoming reviews.

Around the Book Blogosphere: BEArmchair!

I am thinking: Of all the stuff on my plate these days: family, work, Purely Vocals and newly added performances, Footlight Club annual meeting tonight with review of membership year, etc....

I am grateful for: Believe it or not, all of the above!

Around the house: Ripped out the hedge row, as noted, and have decided that in order to get rid of the weeds in the lawn we will pretty much have to "roto-till" down to dirt and then reseed. Bummer, but not unexpected.

In the kitchen: As little as possible!

High of the Week: My a capella group, Purely Vocals, had the opportunity to perform on a local cable channel, which was really cool. Hopefully it will get our name out there more and get us performances. Also, we were offered a really great gig opportunity for later this summer...we are still working out the logistics, but if it works out we could be seen by thousands at this one event! That would be so very cool! I'll keep you up to date.

Low of the Week:  Everyone is sick! A co-worker has bronchitis and the hubby's got a sore throat. I am trying desperately to avoid all these germs!

Family Matters:  This coming weekend is the hubby's bday. I won't give away any secrets early, but it should be a nice day for him.

The coming week: Reviews at work (ick!) - hate giving them, hate getting them. Father's Day. Hubby's birthday. Busy, busy, busy!

Words of Wisdom:  

"Sometimes, we have the illusion that hurrying will get us there faster."  ~Unknown

Have a great week, everyone!