Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Salon - 06/24/12

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Outside my window: A lovely summer evening, warm, but not too muggy given the anticipated rain this week.

I am listening to: Sister Wives...uh, yes, I actually watch this show. Embarrassing!

I am reading: what Teachers Make by Taylor Mali and  Section 132 by Helga Zelner.

I am going to read: Varies, made a great library trip his weekend!

On the Blog: Had a slow blogging week...

Around the Book Blogosphere: Slow reading week too...

I am thinking: I'm counting the days until I officially go on vacation, something I rarely do during the summer...and all the things I need/want to accomplish before and during said vacation.

I am grateful for: Being able to go on vacation...

Around the house: Too much to do, too little time and motivation.

In the kitchen: A clean floor!

High of the Week: Singing with my PV gals!.

Low of the Week:  A tiff with the hubby.

Family Matters: Much of my family went to a "celebration of life" this weekend for my stepmother's father who recently passed. Hamilton "Hammie" or "Baga" Heard was a really nice guy who loved his family. A loss that is felt by many. My thoughts are with all who are missing him.

The coming week: Busy work week.

Words of Wisdom: Nothing this week...

Have a great week, everyone!