Monday, October 21, 2013

Mondays - 10/21/13

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I continue to fantasize a world where I don't have to go to work Monday-Friday, 9-5! I dream of running my own business and one area where I might use my skills is Web Design (yes, I know EVERYONE is doing this, but I did say it was a fantasy...).  In order to be successful though, I'd have to offer more than the basics. So my attention span has been very short, and my out-of-the-book life very busy, and the only thing that has kept my focus recently is...

Books on programming and coding!

I've read some information about C++ programming, some JavaScript, some PHP, etc. Currently I am trying to get through this book on JavaScript within HTML5 and actually learning a bit.
Maybe some day that dream could be a reality?  Sigh...

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HTML5 Programming with JavaScript for Dummies (John Paul Mueller)

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Do you really need to ask?!

(she hangs her head in shame...)

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Who knows!


Ciska said...

Good luck with your programming books. I got a book on SQL on the side but usually only read that for an hour a day :)

Unknown said...

Wow looks like you have an awesome week ahead of you. Happy reading! :)

By the way, we are celebrating 300 Facebook "Likes" on the blog so make sure to stop by and enter!

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Elizabeth said...

Keep that dream...don't give up.

Have a wonderful week.

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