Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Salon - 10/27/13

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Well, our "Hole-a-ween" party is done, and it was great. It was lots of fun, even with the addition of a World Series game playing a major role, Ha! It was a smaller crowd than in previous years (again, I blame the Red Sox), but those who came had a good time and LOVED the house renovations!  It was a busy two months leading up to it, completing a long list of goals. But this afternoon, after I returned from my rehearsal, it was really, really nice to just sit around and enjoy the accomplishment post-stress! The house just looks...homey, and welcoming, and lacks any feeling of the 96 year old aunt we bought it from, or the 56 years of its age.

We even switched out all the two-prong electrical outlets to grounded three-prongs! The ugly black light switches are next, and next weekend will be dedicated to yard work as our lovely front-yard tree has dumped pounds of leaves and the town pick ups are coming (always a work in progress, right?).

And, it's on to Thanksgiving...though it appears we will not be hosting this year, thankfully. We are pooped!

Books and Blogging
On a positive note, I seem to have gotten a bit of reading mojo back.  I'm not sure if it's the book I'm reading, Wave by Sunali Deriniyagala, or the sweet feeling of having no immediate responsibilities bearing down on me and my "down time". But I seem to be plowing through this one and am looking forward to a bunch of others. I am actually pumped to get my hands on the upcoming memoir by Corey Feldman (read 'child of the 80's').

What about you, what are you Jonesing for this week?

Hope you have a good one!