Monday, September 01, 2014

Sunday Salon - 08/31/14

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Hello friends!

It's been a while (and this post is late...), but here I am. It's a start. So, much has been going on since my last post...

It's been just over a month since my kitty died. Hubby and I are still struggling, but surviving. It's the best we can offer. We have chatted about getting another kitten or two, but not quite yet.

Work is gearing up for the students' return tomorrow. I'm prepared work-wise, but honestly exhausted from life. Not sure how the fall will go...hoping for the best. They have finally posted the position that will essentially split my job in two. I now have to decide whether to apply or to sit back and wait it out, having no idea what the rest of my job will look like after upcoming major changes (move to a new building, combining of admin staff from various departments). Both options are stressful and scary, though not unexpected. Though I knew it was coming, it doesn't make the changes any easier. 

After ten amazing, wonderful years, my singing group Purely Vocals has decided to, for the most part, disband. We are still close friends, and nothing bad occurred. It's just life changes. One of the women is retiring in the fall and she travels quite a bit. Rehearsals are impossible with her overseas. So, though we may sing a few small gigs next summer, for the most part we are done. I'm sad; it's been an awesome experience...singing with my "diva-sisters". I'm open to the changes that are coming for all of us though...

Before we go, PV hopes to record a CD...for memories sake, if nothing more.  Also, Hubby and I are now talking about putting something together. Have I mentioned hubby is a fantastic musician?! I am a good singer, good voice and all. But he is a true musician...guitar, keyboards, etc, etc. We are hoping to put together a duo and start gigging locally next summer. Wish us luck!

This holiday weekend, I traveled to my childhood home of Reading, PA for a wedding. It was a lovely event and a terrific weekend (though hubby stayed home). I stayed in a hotel that allowed me a gorgeous view of the city and the Pagoda.  It was really nice, nostalgic. But I was glad to get home last night.

Spending my holiday reading, cleaning and preparing for the weeks to come.


Getting going again, though I am still doubting I will accomplish my annual reading goals. So, the pressure is off and I can just enjoy the books, right?