Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sunday Salon - 09/7/14

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Another busy (hmm, Mr. iPad said "bust") week! Students are back and the days are flying by. 

I await a response to my resume, which I sent. I've been hunting for songs that might interest an audience in a piano-bar-like setting for hubby and I to learn (suggestions, anyone?!? Bueller? Bueller?). And PV is wrapping up a few final performances this month, before hopefully recording in October.

Hubby and I have almost finished painting the house. It looks really nice. In fact, two neighbors have commented about the color already. We are hoping to finish up next weekend, well before the cold weather. There are of course many other jobs around the house which I hope to accomplish too!

I had my first couponing trip in quite a while this week, since ou loss... Success!  Check Saturday to see what came home and what it cost me!


Doing pretty good reading too...well for me. I powered through Jeff Bauman's memoir, Stronger, about losing his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. And, I've picked up an "oldie" (it's not that old..but it's not new either), but goodie that I had yet to read. Check tomorrow's Monday post to see what it is!