Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Armchair BEA 2012 -Let's Talk Networking


“Let's Talk Networking”:

"Share your positive experiences of using your blog to get involved in your community.  This can involve partnerships with the local literary scene, attending author events and signings, or getting together with bloggers in your area.  We want to hear it all!

Yes, we do!  

Being fairly new to blogging (and having spent much of my first year essentially house bound due to a broken foot) I have done very little in the realm of networking. I did join my library's Friends group, but have never gone to any meetings or anything.  I haven't even gone searching for local bookstores in my new hometown. Now that the summer is finally here this will definitely be on my list of things to do!

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone else has been doing and getting some great ideas!


Nise' said...

I hope your foot is healing and you will soon be able to discover exciting places in your new hometown.

Lydia said...

ouch! I hope you foot is healing well. Does your local library have a book club as well? Here's to hoping that you can find something locally =)

Shannon... said...

Thank you both! The foot is doing very well, I'm up and around again. My library does have several book clubs, but I am just so busy with other activities I have never investigated it. Must put that on my list!