Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Salon - 03/02/14

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I am a bad, bad blogger!

Naughty, naughty girl!

Not only has it been weeks since my last Sunday post, but until yesterday, it had been more than a week since I posted anything!

(Hangs head in shame...)

What, you might wonder, could be keeping me away?  Keeping me so engaged that I have found little time for two of my most loved hobbies, blogging and reading? I mean besides my other ever-growing list of activities (full-time work, full-time family and home upkeep, crocheting/knitting and needle work, singing with PV, theater work (though recently his has been 100% home-based web work), and a never waning obsession with Mad About You reruns?!


A return to school, perhaps? Scrap booking, you wonder.

Ah no. Perhaps this will help...

Yes, I have been sucked into the Couponing Craze!

Though I am a low-key, not-so-much-extreme-couponer...the initial binder set up, gathering of coupons, and learning the basics took quite a bit of time!

I am hoping that now, with a system, some success, and a bunch of great online resources to guide me, hopefully it won't take quite so much time moving forward!

Sucess, you ask?

Ah yes, I have managed to bring home boxes of cereal, spaghetti and sauce, and dish detergent all for less than a dollar a piece!  And even managed a trip that resulted soda and multiple boxes of toothpaste TOTALLY FREE!! Yah!

Maybe I'll do a little Couponing series on the blog, Saturday Savings perhaps?!

Reading & Blogging:

So, I've been reading the same (really, really good) book for almost TWO WEEKS now! I blame the coupons, as I am actually really enjoying Rosie Perez' Handbook for an Unpredictable Life. I've also received a bunch of Netgalleys that look really great and have won a couple of ARCs. So, there is no lack of great reading material on my end!

I've definitely got to refocus this month!

Anyone else find themselves sucked into some random activity that sucks all the time out of your day, week, month?!