Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Salon - 03/16/14

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Another typical week at work, busy but not chaotic thankfully. This coming week is spring break, so the students and likely a good portion of the faculty will be gone. The quiet will be very nice. Of course, staff don't get the week off (unless you choose to take vacation time, which I did not), but that works out fine as the week really allows us to catch up on all of that paperwork, filing, and general crap that keeps the department running.

This past week, with the somewhat warmer weather (sad, when 50's is warmer), the kitty was shedding more. This caused her to have tummy issues (not eating, some vomiting, etc) and I was reminded of last summer when she had an episode where the hair in her stomach likely caused an intestinal bunching (or so the vet thought, no way to verify without cutting her open as X-rays and MRI were inconclusive) and thus some serious illness. Though she thankfully survived the very stressful and horrific two weeks and eventually felt better, she started showing her age for the first time.  She lost multiple pounds and she hasn't been quite the same since. This week was a scary reminder that we have to be super diligent about brushing her and using the special anti-hairball oil stuff to help her digest/remove the hair.  She has been eating a bit more today, so hopefully she feels better. The 30 degree weather didn't hurt.

Another good couponing week with a few deals, but...

Reading & Blogging:

Unfortunately, another not so great week on the blog. I had a list for Tuesday Tunes, which somehow got lost...which makes this a lot more work, finding good songs to list each week. I will try to get that list back together so I can return to doing those posts regularly. Also, again I didn't get around to a Saturday Savings post; I've got to make that a goal this week. 

I am still dragging with the reading, though once again I am reading a really good book. I hate to call it a "slump". I really hoped I had beat that at the beginning of the I'm not so sure.  When will I ever get this reading thing going again full steam!?!

I'll try to fit in a few more Throwback Thursdays to maintain some semblance of the books in this "book blog"!

What about you, anyone else in a reading slump?



Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

poor sweet kitty! I have 6 cats so I know what you're going through. I need a new vacuum as that is what is REALLY showing its age :) I hope kitty has a good spring!

I've been reading a lot, but I'm reading like 6 books so I'm not getting anything finished!

I read Doctor Sleep and it broke my slump, I couldn't put it down! typical for me and a King book!

Hope your week goes well! think warmer!